Signs & Sounds from the Fifth Column - The Fifth Column Magazine
Welcome to the Sights & Sounds from the Fifth Column - The Fifth Column Magazine

In the past this online magazine has served as a place where authors from around the world can share new and positive ideas about changing the world for the better. It also served as an artistic forum designed to encourage creativity, free thinking and personal expression.

Unfortunately though, the Fifth Column Magazine, a division of Fifth Column Media, has been permanently disbanded in favor of pursuing other projects. It was felt that this project was not accomplishing it's goals in the best fashion and was not successful in having the desired impact. Fifth Column Media still believes that a project like the Fifth Column Magazine has merit and may resurrect it in the future when it can be given the attention it deserves.

In the mean time Fifth Column Media is putting all energy into it's flagship project, the music site called: "The Soul of Rock 'n' Roll."

Thank you for your interest/support in the Fifth Column Magazine.